About me

I'm a native from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been learning English from a very early age. After I learned all I could at school I just took off by myself learning from books, films, magazines, music and traveling, and became very familiar with British and American culture.

I have a degree in Print Journalism and a passion for the written word. I have over 13 years of experience working in media, marketing, and web content.

I've finally found what I love doing most: combining my creative instincts with my bilingual appetite and my excellent writing skills to create high-quality translations for marketing and advertising.

I work with international translation and advertising agencies including Mother TongueTAG and Frankly Fluent from the UK and TransPerfect in the US. I also worked on translations for Latin American marketing agencies Latin3 and Hormigas Group, among others.

I also explored the "other side" of the language provider landscape by collaborating as a project manager with the awesome Gengo platform, which allowed me to understand the translation process from another perspective.

I’ve signed NDAs that prevent me from namedropping, but just to give you a hint of the end clients I’ve done work for, they include major software companies, upscale fashion brands, a couple of very tasty beers, a pioneer phone manufacturer, girly beauty products and a caouple of the hottest apps of our time.

Here's my full CV.

I'm currently based in Berlin, Germany and available to work worldwide.

Photo by Beto Ruiz Alonso